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The 11th The bids should be considered when you're in a tank with AH is on.

you need to use dark skins, works best in the AH
Landscape, see the dark green of the n Firefly.

-Election of the Action area:

Ordonance should be down in the area.
The area also should offer some Woods and Hills.
This simplifies the posibility to be snacky and gives you the posibility of an Overview over the gel walls.

-If posible be never alone:
if no squadi is in the area, there should be some other Knights around. Not because thay take care of you. Its because you can find easy enemy gvs will thay are shooting your frinds.

 if you are on the way with your squadis you should  be three together. Always on one line. one secure forward and the other two on each side.
moving alone  makes no sense, because the opponent is in a good position which has only entrenched About pleased. Thats why, if you die whait for you 2 budys and roll again.

-Respecting the cloverleaf:
About every tank floats a 4 leafed cloverleaf, the leafs are at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Only the enemy tanks within the leafs may pose a danger there. Form and size of  the leaf depends to the respective Opponent. So, the Tigers almost like a 3 leafed cloverleaf if the opponents is t34. The
t34 is  hardly capable of the tiger head to crack. The Firefly, the already quite
different there are four full leafed. So if there is an enemy into the cloverleaf area you only need to make a small move to the  the left or right and the opponent has a smaller  chance to break yourself
. (some nice pictures is also available in the Tigerfibel.de).

-Position of the turet:
Especially for German tanks (in AH) the turret should be always at half 11 o clock  or half 2 o clock,. If the tank so the adversary it is hard to crack, only the tower is in trable

-Fire Position:
If so desired? Hlt be obtained at any time immediately after the rear or side to dodge, and so m? Resembled quickly from the
Fire area to come. (The edge of a forest is pretty good)

-Hill backside position:
Whenever possible should this type of position desired. With this position  only the turet looks over the hill so the tank gives only a very small target. However, the turret should also
 refer to half 11 or half-2 o,clock,.

Position change !!!!:
You should never do more than 3 shoots from the same position. Surely if an adversary is comeing to you, you need to kill him first, but after he is destroyed you should pull away fast. Because you never know how many pairs of eyes have seen this fire fight. You should use a little time and drive  into the back  to look for a new place to look.

In AH, you can listening damn good and damn well, it is also advisable to down load the other sounds. So you are able to knew type, number and direction of the enemy tanks recognize.

Whenever  Possible should the opponent past you, so you can kill him from behind. First, the opponent is behind only poorly armored, and secondly, he has so little chance to recognize where it came from. Ambush is the Kingclasse of snaky position choice.

-Starting Fire:
If an enemy tank in the gun-optik and this tank didnt have notice you, you should spent some to look around because its always poible that another enemy tanks already around and knew your
own position..

If you try to stay close to these rules and consequently drive your tank with a lot of time and patience and not for the fast kill. Than you should have an over 80% live guarante. The other 20% are puting your tank on the roof or somebody still have a bomb for you or anyone is still more patient than you.

But unfortunately I'm usually not so disciplined LoL

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